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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Day 1 of Servitude

This next post is coming to you at another ungodly hour, but this time I'm at home, frantically typing away to finish this post so I have time to run out, eat prata, [food at NIE suckx. Will try to reduce eating there as much as possible] and stone on the train all the way to Boon lay. Thank God I have a good book with me. :S

As of yesterday, 20th June 2005, 9am Singapore time, I officially became a trainee teacher, employee of Ministry of Education, of the gahmen. God help us all, and especially the children who will be under me.

Anywayz, as from the last post, Yenn and I successfully managed to get to campus, and find the locations of the LTs without getting too lost. :S Aside from a slight hiccup. Heh.

The day went by rather smoothly, I guess, since it was just 2 briefings we had to attend on future modules, one of which starts TODAY and goes on till Friday. Talk about a crash course! The way I hear it, the course I will take for 6 months is like a doctor shoving half a dozen pills down your throat, shaking you hard till it all goes down, and then kicking you out his clinic door, demanding that you be healed and healthy NOW! :S

Ok, that's a strange analogy, but my brother's nursing drug guide is in front of me right now, so that's what I came up with :p

The GTs [GTS, GTT, and now GTK] were also astounded at the number of ex-classmates, ex-schoolmates and ex-dunnowhat that we came across in the canteen during a break. For the Bizaders, we saw LEROY of all people. [taking into account he was a first-class hon student, you can roughly guess how much the Ministry will be paying him. :S] Then there was Ron L, who'd worked in private for 6 months, and then went to contract teaching, and a couple more people Yenn recognised, but I didn't. For CJC-ers, Krys, I donno whether you remember Soo from C2 last time? Yea, she's a teacher too.

*Peng* Quite the reunion there :S All these souls, disillusioned and disenchanted by the private sector, and thus heading into teaching instead. :S Only to join more disillusioned and cynical souls like Yenn and I. Good choice of career.

Then after another briefing, the GTs headed for the queue for registration [which would give us stuff like our matric no, orientation pack, time table etc etc...] only to find a queue which rivalled the Great Hello Kitty Fiasco of 2000. Wah liao kuso leh! We decided, no point, and went to Jurong Point for lunch instead, resolving to settle it another day.

Pretty much, that was the end of the day at NIE. I have one crash course module this week, [bleah] and another Teacher Prep one next week for 2 weeks, and I'll be posted to a school!!! :S:S:S Remember that doctor analogy just now? [double BLEAH] It's all in line with the latest Ministry initiative to let trainee teachers try out the teaching world to decide whether it's for them or not. Granted it's a good idea, but YEARGH! I NEED CLOTHES! [scrambles around frantically for pants and Giordano shirts]

Brekkies time now...... wish me luck and let's see how the first module goes..... :p

BTW, might consider starting another blog in future, dedicated solely to exploits in NIE... will consider and post any updates on this blog...

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