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Sunday, March 27, 2005

The Sexy Blogger Campaign

This is real funny... a campaign started by mrbrown and mister miyagi for bloggers to post up pictures of themselves sticking their tongues has become something of a game amongst singaporean bloggers.

So it all started with this picture of Xiaxue:

Xiaxue the Sexy blogger

Which got mentioned by Tony Pierce. Now I don't know who Tony Pierce is, and why's he so famous, but mrbrown and mister miyagi saw it, and came up with the following photos:

mrbrown the Not So Sexy Blogger


mister miyagi another Not So Sexy Blogger

Admittedly, I'd rather look at the Xiaxue one for an extended period of time......

So the whole thing took on a life of its own, and other bloggers started sending in their own sexyblogger pics, and now, I joined the fun.

Aki the Artifically created Sexy Blogger

If you're keen on looking at the rest of the sexy bloggers in Singapore, [god knows why] or at looking at the tongues of some of Singapore's best bloggers, or seeing how many crazy people took up the craze, [like me, unfortunately] go to this flickr link. If you have a flickr account and wanna add your own photo to the lot, upload the photo and tag it with 'sexyblogger'.

[Personally I think mine's the best of the lot. Especially since it's been Freehanded.... Hahaha... ]

And then, LocalBrand Boss caught onto the fact that Xiaxue was wearing a Localbrand tee in that by-now-infamous photo, and he went gaga at the exposure that his brand was getting. Now, anyone who walks into a shop selling LocalBrand tees and does that sexyblogger thing, with the tongue sticking out, will apparently get 20% off LocalBrand tee shirts. Check out the promotion at their website.

It may seem silly, but from a marketing point of view, the brand exposure is fantastic. He's got Xiaxue endorsing his shirts, and he's hopped onto a blogging trend started by mrbrown. So basically, he didn't come up with a cent, nor wrack any brainpower, nor beg other famous bloggers for the exposure. All that marketing, and he didn't have to lift a fingernail. Damn. How often does one get a chance like that?

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