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Thursday, March 24, 2005

One Week

Since the MOE interview... and still crossing fingers...


Highly artistic individual ( *gag!*) seeking flexible freelance assignments for graphic design. Proficient in Photoshop, ( Pay me and I'll gladly upgrade to CS ) Freehand, ( I can do more than just cartoons! Honest! ) Dreamweaver, ( So this blog is a template... so what! ) and Flash ( er, make that a little proficient.... Ok, gimme that Dummies book... )

Someone gimme a job. Please?


9 sessions at the gym since February.

9 sessions of running, stepping, cycling, and one stomach crunching session with Yenn.

9 sessions and I've finally passed my 2.4 again. Albeit with an E grade, but I still passed.

And after those 9 sessions, ( or rather after each session of running and stepping/cycling ) this is me:


'Nuff said. ( though this has to be one of my favourite pics. Heh. )

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