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Monday, March 21, 2005

Choice and Luxury

Choice is a luxury.

Or is luxury a choice?

One can choose whether one wants to live in luxury or poverty.

Not to dream of luxury, but to make a choice for luxury. And then to take action such that you will live in luxury.

So luxury is a choice.

Then is choice a luxury?

Some do not say so.

Actions are restricted by other external factors. You may choose to be such, but external circumstances do not allow you to be such.

Or do they?

Maybe all along you did have that choice.

You had the choice to accept your current situation

Or you had the choice to pass, and go for something better.

Maybe only your own restricted vision told you there was no choice.

When actually all along the choice was before you.

So next time think about it.

Do you really have no choice?

Choice, luxury, well, who knows? I have no idea what prompted that in my head. Maybe it's all those bad vibes from the parentals.

Anyway, moving on... Some bits I thought about these few days:

I love Brit Wit!

- British writing wit is absolutely fab, darlings. I just finished Bookends by Jane Green, and 2 of the Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella. The fab thing about Brit female writers is that they really write it like it is, and thus, the writing becomes a lot more honest, a lot more real than other romantic novels. [you know, the kind with the tall dark mysterious muscled hunk holding a limpid female in his arms on the cover]

And when I read Bookends, the main narrating character was Cath, a size 14 girl who wore black everyday, with no romantic prospects nearby, who hung out mainly with her closest friends, but yet yearned for romance, loves books and is a total slob at home. What I want to know now is, who is this Jane Green woman, and where did I meet her such that she managed to write such a dashing description of me?

Now on Straight Talking by Jane Green.......

SDU people are tactless idiots

- Most of you might have heard about the recent computer security scandal at SDU, the one which has convinced me that their Head of IT is either an idiot, or has some real idiots working for him.

Just tonight, I received a package from SDU which tells me that the people working there aren't exactly masters of tact.

Firstly, the package came with a little black book, an address book, presumably for me to fill up with names of hot hunks. Hahaha.

Secondly, the Dating 101 handbook, which they hope "will go a long way to helping you cultivate the positive attitudes and skills to endear you to your dates." Oh wow. That's like the nice, gahmenly way of telling me my dating skills suck and here's the nice advice Uncle Lee has for you.

Plus, most of the advice in there is very......... well, gahmenly. You know how, when you read say, a govt publication about a place, for eg, Orchard Road, and you laugh at all the 'nice' writing that you know is just a nice white facade on an ugly brick wall underneath? Yea, it reminds me of that.

Thirdly, the stupid Lovebyte website. So sue me, I decided to log in and key in my personal particulars and see what happened. [I'm a Desperate Single. So sue me] And here's where I think their Department of Tact deserves to go through a retrenchment exercise.

Because there's actually a box for you to fill in your height and weight. And it's mandatory. So you absolutely, absolutely, CANNOT escape filling in those fields, because the dumb form will refuse to submit.

To add insult to injury, there's even a little drop down menu underneath. Options range from "Petite", "Slim" to "Large" and, *puke* get this, "Pleasantly Plump"

WTF are wrong with these idiots??? For one thing, this effectively ERASES all the chances larger women like me would have. Forget all that BS about how looks don't matter. Honey, on the Internet, it's one of the few info the guys can get about you. And you think a guy is gonna read the rest of my profile to find out all about my sparkling personality if he knows I wear a size 14? Somemore they make it MANDATORY. So never mind about my rights as a woman to privacy about my weight. These kaypohs want to know it all. Why don't you ask me to key in my vital stats at the same time?

And why on earth would they want me to categorize myself as "Large" or "Pleasantly Plump"???

Someone bonk off those guys at SDU. Because I'm convinced the IT dept is full of them. HALLO OUT THERE STUPID COMPUTER TECH GEEKS. The whole point of Internet Dating is that people are allowed to connect and communicate with each other WITHOUT KNOWING WHAT THE OTHER PARTY LOOKS LIKE, so that people will have a chance to communicate with my character, rather than the size of my boobs.

You put in a dumb option like this, where people have to key in height and weight, and categorize themselves as "Pleasantly Plump", firstly, YOU'RE A BUNCH OF STUPID TACTLESS BASTARDS AND I'M NOT AFRAID TO SAY IT, and secondly, YOU'RE DEFEATING THE WHOLE POINT OF INTERNET DATING.

Who the hell works at SDU anyway??? I'm really wondering at the idiot that came up with these ideas....

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