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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

It's getting hot in here...

I wish it was the hot as referred to in the song, but unfortunately......

Anyone notice the heat these few days? Put up all those sweaty hands, everyone. After the torrential monsoons we had in place of snow during last Dec/Jan, we now welcome the tropical version of summer.

Unfortunately, the tropics are already hot right? So what happens when you add extra heat on top of that? *pant pant pant*

For those who spend the whole day in the air-conditioned comfort of your offices ( Or alternatively, the artic wasteland of your offices ) you probably don't feel the heat as much as I do. The sun bakes me to a golden crispy brown every day I walk outside, the same crispy brown that our grass is turning into. There goes the green Singapore that the gahmen is so proud of.

As I walk to my tuition kid's house in the afternoon, I feel my skin shrivelling and cracking, each individual skin cell combusting and dying in the presence of such intense heat. And unlike Perth ( Where the Slayer arrived to 40deg heat ) the humidity just loves it. Everytime you leave the house, all those greedy little moisture molecules in the air run to you like piranhas to a leg of ham.

Air-con is no comfort. Because if you walk into aircon immediately from the heat, the sudden drop in temperature makes you reel, and gives you headaches. Ok, for me anyway. So your head throbs the whole time you're in the aircon. Then when you go out into the heat again, your skull will suddenly decide to expand and you get a bruce-banner-to-hulk headache.

And indeed in such circumstances, I feel myself undergoing a hulk-like transformation. With my afternoon kid, I'm dullish and drowsy in the heat ( "For the rest of the lesson, write your compo" ) For my evening kid, I'm snappish and irritable ( "NO! FOR CRUX'S SAKE NO! THAT'S NOT A REFLECTION!!!" ) [note: I say 'crux' because it's not nice to swear in front of kids. I leave you guys to guess what word that could be]

And when back home, it's straight to the shower. Aaaaaaaaaaa................

Ironically enough, all that heat in the afternoon means that the night is really cool, and dry, like the whole of Singapore is under airconditioning. So now I feel clean, dry and comfortable. *sigh*

Why can't it be like that in the afternoon? ( Miss London summers... )

Internet is slow....... No one's updating blogs or comics..... sigh...... Maybe the heat has sucked everyone's inspiration......

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