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Monday, January 17, 2005



Young chicks, before being fully hatched, have been recruited into fighting the blue human soldiers who have attacked the farm.

The blue human soldiers came upon the farm early one morning, with clearly hostile intentions. They carried menacing batons by their sides, and came in a troop of 10 men. It is fortunate that our ever-vigilant watch managed to catch sight of them, and alert the armed forces to the walls.

However, the troops found out to their dismay that their numbers were outnumbered by the fierce human forces, who marched on no matter what was thrown at them. Finally, a brave request was made by Ah Dan, the young hatchlings' leader.

Ah Dan

"We, the young eggs, can no longer just sit back and watch our farm be decimated by these foul human soldiers! We must do our part, every single egg of us! No one is too young to help Ji-Hup in the Glorious Revolution!"

Thus said, a troop of hatchlings were quickly rounded up by Ah Dan, who then immediately organized them into kamikaze battalions. Each hatchling would line up to be catapulted into the human forces.

It is hoped that the sacrifice made by these young hatchlings would send the human forces back, and that their sacrifice would not be in vain.

"If he wants to fight, what can I do?" clucked a clearly upset mother, whose chick had just been catapulted, "The only thing I can hope is that he would be able to send the accursed humans back! It's all their fault!!" she screeched, in a flurry of feathers.

Meanwhile, our Glorious Beak Ji-Hup has praised the families of the martyrs for their sacrifices for the cause. "If there's anyone to blame, it's the accursed humans, for attacking us unprepared. Those devious men would stop at NOTHING in order to crack every single one of us! We must not be discouraged! As long as there is still ONE CHICKEN left in this farm, we must continue fighting for our rights and our FREEDOM!"

In the Straits Times......

Police going to Siang Chun Chicken Farm were surprised by eggs being flung at them from the farm.

The 3 officers were there to investigate the disappearance of the 2 MOE officers who had gone there last week to investigate possible cases of bird flu.

The opinion among the police is that the owner of the farm, Goh Siang Chun, is only too desperate to prevent himself being arrested for carrying bird-flu-infested chickens.

"It's funny that a grown adult would resort to such a juvenile action to keep people from his farm," Sgt Mata, who was among the policemen going to the farm, said, "We are not bothered by the eggs, but only fear for the safety of the 2 MOE officers."

The policemen have said that they will not be held back by the eggs, but will make contact with the farm by today.

Continued next week...... First human contact with the farm

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