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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Kairos: Yea, it could've been subconsciously influenced by Chicken Run.... hehehe...

Everyone else: Yea, it sucks to grow older.

Nay, it sucks even more to grow older, and have your parents treat u as a kid still. THAT really sucks.

Morning, 9am. Phone rings. I crawl out of bed.

Me: (Mumbling) Hello?
Mum: Eh, I told you to clear the downstairs area, did you?
Me: (Still mumbling) Ya, I'll do it before I leave.
Mum: Are you going out today?
Me: Yes.
Mum: You don't go out, you hear me?? (Launches into monologue about how I never listen to her, how I never jump to her commands the moment she snaps her fingers, blah blah blah. It's all blurry now, because it's been erased in angry irritation)

The part that got me was "You're not to go out, you hear me??". Yes, I hear you, it doesn't mean I'm about to listen to you. Screw me, but I'm not about to cancel my plans for the day last minute just because my mum went meno on me. The rest of the conversation pretty much went downhill, because once I heard that line, I went on Defensive-Wall-of-Stony-Silence mode and I refused to say anything, other than "Uh." Which probably makes my mom mad, but not as mad if I were to scream something like "F**K YOU!!!!!" over the phone.

Urgh. A wonderful start to xmas. Humbug.

Anyway, onto nicer stuff......

A conversation with uncle...

Uncle: So what do you want for xmas? $10 budget. (I donno whether he's kidding with me on this or not)
Me: I guess an Ipod is out of the question then?
Uncle: WAT???
Me: Yea, yea, I know. Just thought I'd try.

Uncle: So what else then?
Me: Kinokuniya book vouchers.
Uncle: What? So boring.
Me: Because Harry Potter is coming out this year mah! I need the vouchers for the book. ( JULY 2005!!! JULY 2005!!! GIMME THOSE KINO VOUCHERS ALREADY!!! )
Uncle: The softcover?
Me: No, the hardcover.
Uncle: OMG. Why don't I get you something else for xmas, and then next year I buy you the softcover version? Isn't it cheaper?
Me: (In indignant fan mode) NO! Cannot! Must be hardcover!
Uncle: Are ALL your HP books hardcover?
Me: My first 2 are not, cos my frens bought them for me, but the rest are.
Uncle: Oh God. Well, do you wear jewellery then?
Me: No.
Uncle: You're still wearing pants right? Not dresses or skirts?
Me: Nope.
Uncle: Spaghetti? Do you wear spaghetti tops?
Me: Sometimes, but not often.
Uncle: My god so boring... You're following the same pattern as your aunt, and it's the same pattern that's been going down for 4 generations already. There goes our family line I tell you. It's doomed.
Me: Huh?
Uncle: Never mind, I'll explain to you again at the next family gathering.

So now I gather some points:

1) The way I turned out is largely due to family genetics
2) I am not to blame. Geekiness and potential butch-ness runs in the family.
3) I'm going to die a lonely old spinster. This is because for 2 generations that I know of in my family, only 1 person in that generation has married and spawned. If this was already happening 4 generations back, to my great-great-grandparents, then I'm doomed.

CONCLUSION: I am genetically programmed to be a geeky, tomboyish old spinster.

Don't you love genetics...?

Maybe I should do what Xiaxue is doing:

bid to be Xiaxue's one true love!

The interesting thing is that someone has already put in a bid for almost 10 to the power of 13 dollars for her. Hm. Wonder if this'll start a whole new trend in internet dating.

But then, if I do also.... scally minimum bid $1 also cannot meet..... *peng*

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