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Monday, December 27, 2004

Another Comic Page

Perhaps a metaphor for all those in life, who are too afraid to take the first step. Who knows where it'll lead u?

Maiden Voyage by Kazu Kibushi

Movies before Xmas

Ocean's 12 - Good. Slick, witty and smooth.
Phantom of the Opera - Great! If you didn't catch the stage production, it's a good substitute!

Though Dragonfly told me after the show that the stage production was better. And after he described some of the amazing stage effects they used......

Damn I wanna watch it now.

Sure, the next time I happen to pop by London on a visit, I'll just tally on ho to the theatre....... Sometime.... in my future.... hopefully the short term one......

Ergh. Ack. CHoke.

Xmas itself...

Wasn't too bad. Did the usual thing, went to my relatives' house for food and ended up watching the Ten Commandments. Or rather parts of it. The front part was so draggy, I ended up half talking to my cuz, and glancing at the TV screen at 20 minute intervals to keep abreast of the show. Oh yes, hahaha, glance, still at Egypt, continue talking to cuz, hahaha again.

Also ended up listening to Dad spout a lot of dumb religion jokes. Why won't Moses talk to George Bush? Because the last time he spoke to a Bush, he ended up lost in the desert for 40 years.


Then at Angie's house for dinner on Xmas day. ( Great food, btw, Angie... :p ) Her friends were a riot, one of them helped produce a film, which we watched in her room, and another of them is horrible at daidee. :p :p :p But I liked playing with him.... hahaha.... well, partly because of that. :p ( Er, angie, no need to tell your friend I said that, eh? )

Cosplay Convention

Boxing day was spent with Yenn and her sister staking out Far East Plaza looking at cosplayers, and fervently hoping the potentially-paedophilic emcee would just drop off the stage and die before he made us all die of boredom. Seriously, as a supposed cosplay convention, it could've been much better done.... *sighs* 2 local illustration groups were there, wings symphonia, and project scar. Which makes me wonder, hm, could I actually pull this off in Singapore? hahaha.... but seriously, project scar's work was BLOODY BRILLIANT. If ever you guys see the name somewhere, check out the awesome artwork.

I have pics of the Cosplayers themselves of course, but they still need some heavy photoshopping. *Gomen* So hang on guys!

2 hours later...

I've finished the page with the cosplay. *Faints from lack of sleep*


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