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Friday, December 31, 2004

In its wake...

[in musing mode, reading, analysing, absorbing information as I sit at my PC and spin a pencil in my hand]

Responses on the Internet have been greatly varied, as to the tsunami disaster.

A blog has been set up to give information on the tsunami and the rescue efforts being held underway. The
blog is one of the most comprehensive sources of information on the tsunami.

Sintercom has an interesting thread going on right now about the tsunami, and of people's responses to it. The author of the original article states that the media had the wrong focus all along. (Some singaporeans who were initially interviewed on TV were shown complaining about their cancelled holidays, and whether they could get refunds. This is the basis for the article)

Miss Beautifuk's blog gives a more bitchified take on the issue. She raves at people who send "sentimental nonsense" to people about how much they cherish them during times of disaster, blah blah blah, and states that the focus of pity should be more on the survivors and as-yet-undiscovered survivors of the disaster, rather than the people who are already dead. From her blog:

"Yeah, I know, it's not the best way to die and I'm sure none of them wanted it. But there is utterly NO POINT in pitying the dead! They're dead! They don't deserve our pity and neither do they feel our pity. In fact, they should be happy they're dead and not floating in the salty sea, half-dead, with carnivorous fish nibbling at their toes."

Hehehe... there's a blasting-boulder-in-your-face approach about her style of writing, that I like....

Mister Miyagi is also keeping his blog up to date with news of the disaster.

Some artists are helping out too. Clio Chang is holding an auction to raise funds for the Canadian Red Cross to give to victims of the tsunami disaster. Who says art is useless?

DBS Internet banking customers can send donations through the Net, or ATMs islandwide. I'm not sure yet whether that applies to POSB customers. Food packages can be bought at NTUC for $10. The usual cash/cheque/donation can be made to the Singapore Red Cross, online payments can be made at the American Red Cross website. (No rants about the Americans now, please. The money still goes where it's needed)

Pray and hope for the best, in the future.

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