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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Manifesto 2016

It's been a long time since I was on this blog. Reasons/Excuses include work, life, etc etc... 

So why did I decide to come back to the blog? 

1. Stuff in my life
Just because the blog is empty doesn't mean that nothing was going on with my life. I travelled a bit, I crafted, cooked, sewed, read, took photos, socialized, got crazed by work, ate, ate some more, visited fleas, watched shows etc, etc, etc. Out of all these things I did, I did some great stuff, I did some not-so-great stuff and I did stuff that looked like my primary school art projects. Out of these stuff I did, I learned some about the way to do things, which leads me onto...

2. Journalling
A lot of times, I have too many thoughts and ideas whirling through my head and nothing I do can keep it still. I have ideas for photo projects, craft projects, writing projects, books to read and I cannot settle on one! And even sometimes when I finally start something, I stuff it away somewhere and what I learnt out of it is lost. So my other idea for reviving the blog is to treat it as a journal, to journal my successes and failures.

3. Plain creativity
Last year, I downloaded an app called Grid Diary, which supplied journalling prompts to document what goes on in your day. After I started, I realised that I really miss writing for the sake for writing. So this is one thing I want to start again with the blog. 

4. Just to be me
With all the shit that went on last year, I think it is important also to remind myself of all the other things that make me Me. This is what I plan with this blog, as a reminder that there are all these other great stuff that I do with my life, and that my work isn't really the only thing that defines me. 

So here are my plans:
1. Document as much as I can the creative pursuits in my life. Whether I did well or whether I sucked or totally failed, these are still the little Legos of Life and I should not forget them. 

2. Publish my plans, to make me accountable (dirty word) and to make me do them. (already started with this manifesto, hehe)

3. Journal my life and the stuff I do. Get out of the daily grind every now and then. 

Will this work? Like all NY resolutions, you just have to give it a go. At least I can say that I've tried it once rather than never having started at all. Wish me luck!

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