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Sunday, January 31, 2016

January's Book I Read


Out of all the resolutions I ever made, the one I successfully held to were the ones for reading. At my age, in my comfy house and sofa, there really are few pleasures better and rarer than curling up the whole day with a good book and a stuffed cat. It also helps me to unwind and sleep at night and has become part of my weekday sleep routine.

It doesn't help much if I happen to be reading a particularly gripping thriller, but.......

Anyway, looking through my list, I realised it would be too long-winded to blog about every book, so I've decided to choose the best one I've read this month, and that is...

This book was designed to be read as an iPad app, but it works as a linear storyline too, if you don't get confused by all the different characters and points of intersection. I've read Stone's Fall and Instance of a Fingerpost by the same author and they were all magnificent stories. Arcadia combines the genres of science fiction, fantasy and spy thriller into the same book, along with 3 different worlds which exist at 3 vastly apart points of time, past, future and way-into-the-future future. It sounds confusing but Iain Pears does a good job of spinning solid characters and immersive storylines out of all of them in one solid tome. Great read and worth the reservation fee I paid on it. :)

February's book plans include a slowly growing pile of library books (oh oh) but I also want to read at least one self-help book of my own. Can I continue like that for the rest of the year???

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