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Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Quest for an iPad 2

Ion Orchard: "Sorry, we're all sold out."

Sign in front of Wheelock store: "iPad 2: Sold out"

Suspicion that major retailers would be wiped out by early eager fans. Decide to try somewhere a bit more out of the way.

Taka Best Denki: "We have one last set left...


"Black, 32 GB, 3G and WIFI"

But...... How about 64GB?

"All sold out. That's the last set, you want?"

....... Not really, thanks. T_T

One more attempt at an out of the way store.

Electronic Store at Mandarin Gallery: ( Ha! How many of you knew this shop was here?! )

"Sold out."

( Enough of you knew this store was here, apparently. Damn! )

Sign outside Courts: One model remaining, 16GB White. Argh!!!

Skipped Somerset 313, Orchard Central. No hope.

Harvey Norman, Centrepoint: ( Ha! How many people know this shop is here?? )

"Sold out."

( A lot of you, damn!!! )

Dejected, I start to walk back towards Orchard, then...

Notice a number of people in the Orchard Central shop....

And some boxes being loaded into the shop...

TRY!!!! Run across the road ( with the green man, of course ) to the store!!

"Sold out!"

The boxes??? --- MacBooks. -_-!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feeling, dejected, finally head back to Orchard.

Then I go to the one place in Singapore I know I will get it.

So I'll wait a week or two more. Oh well, at least I know it will come into my hands.

Meanwhile, head to Kino and browse furiously through iPad magazines.......................


SMS from A: "Courts Toa Payoh got no queue. My fren wife bought today."


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