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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

There is something very twisted at the heart of the society in which we live.

Firstly, over this June period, we have seen people panic and subsequently calm down over a virus that seemed worse than it actually was. But yet the preventive measures taken have left me scratching my head at times.

For one, temperature taking as a precaution. Why are we still insisting on checking for high fevers, when the WHO has said that a high fever is NOT a symptom of H1N1? What does it matter even if you check for it anyway? The person could be riddled with the virus, and yet have a normal body temperature. By the time he shows symptoms, you would have already let him loose to spread it around.

And this preparation of closedowns of classes, levels, and schools. Is the replication rate of the virus so strong that you have to come down to that? What if your students get infected with the ordinary flu instead? Are you going to do the same?

I suppose I'm piffed at the measures because they seem so typical of the kiasee mentality, to overreact at things. What I don't like about it is the atmosphere of delusional fear that it creates. To talk to some people, you'd think that we were all going to die of the virus if we didn't walk around wearing N95 masks 24/7. And that anyone who so much as coughs in public is a socially irresponsible misfit of the highest order. [Someone should be able to identify with this, heehee]

The kiasee mentality is an offshoot of the kiasu mentality. Which is why MOE has also called for e-learning classes to take place. Never mind that the affected children could be sick with flu, and all its associated symptoms. They cannot fall back in their work! Otherwise they will fail exam at end of year! So even if you are too sick to sit up, as long as your parent can make you hold a pencil or bring the laptop to you, you should still do whatever schoolwork you can! Then go back to school will know what teacher is saying. -_-!!!!!

Of course teacher must also prepare lesson and prepare extra lessons for these kids who may not come back. Otherwise if the kid fails his exam at P1/2/3/4/5/6 his whole future will be ruined, he will be reduced to either sweeping garbage/selling pirated Blu-rays/joining gangs because you didn't put in enough effort by giving him those extra 1 or 2 measly worksheets.

And all this is ok in our society. Because we are a nation where people are so weak a single virus can wipe out our entire population. Because we are so stupid that if we even miss out one day in school we will all because retards by the time we're 50, fully dependent on social security.

*Sigh* I know I'm on the point of really ranting and I don't make a lot of sense, but sometimes I grow so sick of all of this......

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