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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Photo Diary

Before I forget myself in the drudgery of work, here's some shots of my last 2 weeks of June:

1. Went to an art exhibition where I hardly understood anything that was there. -_-! Though I did think the wall decor stickers were cute... ( 8QSam museum )

2. Laid in a womb of polysthrene furniture and imagined my whole room being like this. ( Verner Panton exhibition at National Museum )

3. Put plastic bags on my feet to prevent spread of H1N1 + Hand Foot Mouth disease.

4. Drank a lot of lychee juice with girlfriends ( with maybe 2 obligatory drops of vodka )

5. Admired some flowers.

Its been a more relaxing holiday, that I have to admit. Managed to read more, blog more, and top at least one facebook game. (Heh) And still managed to go out to some places.

I only wish it could have been longer...... but that would have to go into the bin together with my wish for striking first prize in Toto and losing 10 kg in a month. -_-!!!!!

It sucks but....... we have to grow up eventually and accept the rest of real life.

Here I go then.

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