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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Yes, I finally got myself a new phone... It's a Sony E 905 in gold...

I don't often change phones but the nokia was just giving me more trouble than it was worth. How dost thou irritate me? Lemme list the ways:

1. Hanging while I am doing something innocently, say sliding it open. Perchance my slides were too rough for it. A phone has to be slid like a hockey puck across ice.

2. Refusing to read my memory card. One day, the phone had an argument with the memory card when I was not looking. Since then they've refused to speak to each other. Never mind that I cannot save anything in the card since then.

3. Throwing diva fits on me and asking for strange numbers to message centres when previously none was necessary to send messages.

And to add oil onto fire, when I went to the m1 shop, I realized that it doesn't even gave a tradein value.... -_-!!! presumably I'd even have to pay m1 to take it away from me...

To a point, enough us enough. I wouldn't have minded using the phone for 2 years, but with these kind of problems coming in just after the one year warranty ( how convenient ) I think not worth it la...

Let's hope the new phone lasts longer now! If not, iPhone still looks tempting... :p


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