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Saturday, April 25, 2009

If I was given the chance to change over my life, would things necessarily be different?

If I was put in a new place, where nobody knew me, and I didn't knew anybody, could I change myself? Change long-established habits and quirks? Develop a totally different personality? Make myself into another different character altogether?

Actually, I think I could not. I've been in situations like the one described above before, where I found myself by myself surrounded by total strangers, and each outcome turns out the same.

At the start, I'm always the aloof one. I can make decent small talk with people, but after that, people seem to forget me, or look over me. [maybe sometimes, this is due to the presence of other prettier, slimmer, and more guy-pleasing girls in the room. -_-!!!]

Given more time, and more interactions, I slowly start to develop relationships. I start to get to know a few people, hang out with them, start to know them more. Then the interactions get more regular, to the point where I know I can trust them for help.

This is the same pattern I have everytime I'm in a new social situation. I very rarely make bosom friends on the first try. It usually takes a lot more time, and a lot more fate. It also helps that there are people willing to go past my initial aloofness and actually ask me out for a second cup of coffee. [thanks, guys]

But because of this, I don't really like being put in places where I am alone. Alone, I have to either try to socialize and make small talk to appeal to those in the room, or sit in the corner like some kid punished in school. Neither of which is a very appealing option for me.

If I were to be put in a new environment, where everyone is a stranger, what will I do? Probably end up hanging out at the bookstores or the libraries. The Internet and books will always be your friends. :)

If it was you, would you change? Would you even want to change?

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