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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Insomnia again

This is getting to be a tiresome problem especially for someone
working in the morning... And it's not the first time this year

I'm not sure if it started because of work stress or bad habits
developed during the holidays or is simply the result of an
overstimulated mind. Heck it could even be ice lemon tea for all I

What I do know is that it's 1245am, my alarm is set till 6 and I'm
blardy blogging simply to try to lull myself to sleep!!!

Because when I get like this, my mind runs on 4th gear even if I'm
snug in bed. Even when it drifts closer to sleep it hooks onto a
thought, catches it and reels it in and before you know I have the
workplan for 2 years in my head. Give me enough nights like this and I
may just rewrite the works of Shakespeare. :S

Sigh... Ah well, hopefully one night I'll come up with my million
dollar biz plan that will let me work for one hour a day... ( and if
you thought that was a crazy thought, you haven't read my previous
post about Mark Flindus... Scroll below and read! )

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Anonymous said...

Me too.. I cannot sleep.. 1:30 AM

Anonymous said...

I been sleeping at 3am, if that helps? And waking around 8am :P and more panda-eyes too.