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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

25 things

Happily and innocently reading Quet's blog till I saw the word
"tagged" with my nick... Bleah... So here are 25 things about me:

I have studied 3 languages: English, Chinese and Japanese. I am fluent
in the first, passable in the second, and dismal in the third. And
despite this I want to take up 2 more languages in my lifetime.

I have been attached for the last 4 years to an emotional blockhead
who's given me more stress and a wilder kind of happiness than anyone
else in my life. If that doesn't make me a kind of saint I don't know
what will.

I spend more time with my friends than my boyfriend or my family.
Which puts me in direct opposites with about half the people I know.

Also, I spend most of my time out wandering somewhere. I feel
positively brainless if I have to stay at home. Makes me feel like
I'missing out on something.

I spend my most peaceful and rejuvenating hours at the art museum. I
love to see the art and love to dream about my own.

I think daydreaming is underrated. No one ever realizes the value of a
good 20 mins doing nothing but stare into space. Yet they always want
the kind of effort from you that you cannot produce without staring
into space.

I think the best way to live is to be damned with what everyone thinks
and just do things your own way.

I have an increasing impatience for what I consider stupidity, or a
lack of ability or willingness to think for oneself. I can forgive
this in children but I find it totally infuriating in adults. I cannot
get around that some people will do things simply because and for no
good reason. And that goes for a lot of civil servants.

I can be downright sarcastic when I want to be, but sometimes my
innocent humour gets misconstrued as sarcasm. This probably explains
why my friends are few but close. ( thanks guys )

I have joined some of the most unlikely CCAs people would ever think I
would join. I have been a shortlived softball pitcher, played in a
chess team, become a librarian, ok not so unlikely, and to the
surprise of Some friends, become vice president of the Chinese

My CCA record in JC was equally fruitful with me having filled up
almost everything in it. My studies were not as fruitful, and I was
just thankful to have been able to drop accounting. Come to think of
it, that also describes my current patterns with my work...

The only thing I did well without breaking a sweat for was English and
GP. Where my classmates used to struggle to form 2 coherent
paragraphs, I had already finished my essay. Tip to all future
parents: never be stingy over books for your kids.

I thank the gods that my dad encouraged me to read half the trash that
I did. Nobody ever stopped me reading comics, trashy novels or books
beyond my age group at home. If you doubt the value of some forms of
comics and novels, read my above point about English and GP again.

Up to this day, I still feel naked if I don't leave the house without
some reading material in the bag. I usually end up buying some
magazines on the way.

Following the point about reading, some of my favourite magazines
include 8 days, Oprah, Cleo, computer Arts, Time, Newsweek, Wired and
Psychology Today.

And to show some vestiges if a bilingual education, I have been
reading the same Chinese manga for 14 years. And the title shows no
sign of ending soon. -_-!!!

This diversity of taste also runs to my music. I listen to 98.7, 99.5
regularly. On my iPod, I have lounge, pop, rock, rap, jazz, Chinese
ballads, which I listen to fairly regularly.

I just started on opera. :p whether it remains a lingering love is
sometiing yet to be seen.

I love to go for concerts but I always have trouble finding people to
go along with. So sometimes I just go alone.

The best concert I ever went to was the Black Eyed Peas which had
everyone jivin' in their seats. The most memorable ones I went for was
Jamie Cullums' and Jason Mraz for their performing skills.

My iPod is another that I would feel naked walking without. I don't
know how else to endure bus and MRT rides.

And my headphones are one of my most treasured items together with my

The items that I most treasure are also my most expensive and my most-
used: iPods Shiroi and Kuroi, headphones, laptop Lapidora and camera
Kenny. These are items I would kill to defend.

I'm also in the habit of naming my personal electronic products. Heh.

One last for the road: I am a unique body unlike everyone else, and in
that I am like everyone else. ;)

And maybe I should add 26: I am capable of typing long memes. Ha!

The tagged one will be the Slayer, for always telling me about there
being nothing to blog about. Heh.

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Anonymous said...

So fun!! Hehehe.. Nice reflection in life mah.. Quetz