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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Either a brand new start OR the same story over again

I started the new year with a lapse in the blogging. :p don't know whether this augurs well for the start of the new year.

But up to this point of my life, every new year and every birthday starts to feel like one more in a series. Like a long running drama series, the plot slightly changes, the people come and go, but the lead actress is always there. Similarly like in a sitcom, the lead actress also manages to somehow get into the same scrapes over and over again. :p

For example, look at the new year's resolutions you made for last year. Did you fulfill yours? 'Cos I didn't -_-!!! and I'll be repeating the same resolutions over again this year. -_-!!!!!!!!!! Repeat of last year's plotline over a new season.

After the holidays, when you went back to work, didn't you feel like it was the same thing over again? I'm back to my one month neglected cubicle *Major SIGH* and when the year really started, it was the same routines over again. I'm back to the planning, the pens, the wishful dreaming of June holidays..........

What if we could run out of our own programmed life? A lead actress that stays for too long in one series faces the risk of being typecast as that particular character for the rest of her career. [Gillian Anderson, Courteney Cox, Sarah Jessica Parker] When we get too much into our lives, are we running the same risk?

What if we could run out of our own shows, and take up another role in another entirely different show? Can Sarah Jessica Parker play a cutting edge forensic scientist on CSI? [I wonder]

Can we ourselves break out of our own mold into something else entirely? Without suffering too much of the consequences?

Maybe that this what we should be doing each new year instead. Forget making pointless resolutions that you may or may not keep. Instead reflect on what your life has been the previous year. Then think of what you can do to make the next year as radically different as possible.

Here's to your 2009. :)

Getting all the slack I can...

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