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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry eX-mas?

So this is a bit late.... yar.... :p but Merry Xmas to all...

The party went great, thanks to all who came, saw, and demolished the turkey ;) You guys are the reason why my mom still likes to go crazy and strangle disemboweled birds every year.

Thanks to all who played along the Twister game and for embarrassing yourselves in the name of mass entertainment. Now I know why Twister is still the classic party game. ;)

Thanks to those who took the effort, and braved the Xmas crowds to buy gifts for the gift exchange. Your gladitorial bravery is commendable.

And even if he doesn't read this blog, thanks to a DF who flew by and made an attempt to socialize with my friends, something that I've been bugging him since, well, the start of the relationship. :S hey, it's a start.

Thanks for the gifts, the cards and the reaffirmation of friendship, the greatest gift of all.

Here's then to next year, and to more of the best, less of the rest!

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