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Sunday, August 10, 2008

It's so sadly typical and ironical when the one person [or rather 2] who can make you do things against your will, things that you have flatly refused to do with your oldest and closest friends, happen to be......

No, not the boyfriend, but a 5 year old kid. -_-!

First, know that I'm a chicken, coward and a lily-livered wretch when it comes to anything more than 3 stories off the ground. Especially on a transparent container being hoisted off the air by the Singapore Flyer.

Secondly, know that the DF got cheap tix to the Flyer, and I was perfectly fine with the idea of sitting in Kenko, waiting for him and his family to come down.

Thirdly, you have to know that his mom brought along a 5yr-old, for whom the phrase 'it's too high' has no meaning.

Lastly, know that my fear of heights is less than the stubborn dignity I feel I have to uphold in front of kids. And it was that stubborn dignity that brought me up the Flyer which brought me up 42 stories in the air.

But it was my height phobia that kept me butt rooted to the seat as the container made its revolution. -_-! Ok the view was ok and all, but I like the view I get from the ground very much better thank you.

Next time he gets tix to something in the air again I think I'll make him give it away......

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