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Monday, December 24, 2007

Hey all! Thanks to my dad, Candle and Yenn who came down on Saturday to see the stall.

We had a dinky little table and umbrella to ourselves on Saturday, but feng shui wasn't good. They placed us towards the back of the fair. Grrr.... The way I saw it, most people came, looked around the first few stalls and went back to Cineleisure. Damn! We had a few *interesting* characters who looked around the stall, including a garrulous Chinaman who came twice to our stall, talked a lot about film and DVDs and codes, but didn't buy anything [???]

Not helping was the rain as well. There was a light drizzle at first and then this torrential shower came at 4pm. :s By then I had decided to pack up anyway cos ain't nobody gonna buy stuff in this shower. I think Slayer packed up somewhat after I did.

BUT! On the bright side, I managed to make the rent on the pieces I sold [barely :p] so not a total loss. In a way, I was kinda doing this for *fun* rather than money. This being a selling game whereby your points come in dollar form instead. :p So I made a few bucks, sales-talked to a bunch of people and learnt to set up a proper stall to attract customer eyes. Not a total loss, and a good deal of a bargain as compared to my biz degree :p

Will I do this again? Yea, I think I would. It's...... invigorating talking to the various customers, trying out different approaches and seeing what was the one line that would click the sale for me. Plenty of eye candy and different things to keep me occupied. And the money at the end of the day is a good motivating factor too. :p

Gimme a few more days and I'll be posting up the stuff I didn't manage to sell. Anyone out there needs to buy a cheap and good gift for someone? Hehehe.........

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