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Thursday, November 08, 2007

3 wrong turns and no anime

I know it's been last Saturday since I posted that twit about getting lost in JB, so I told myself I had to finally settle down and write the whole story down before I totally regaled it to the back of my mind.

It was last Saturday that Quet, Yenn and I thought of taking a day trip into JB just for the sake of it. We drove into the 2nd Link, intending to go to Jusco Tebrau, City Square, and then back to Singapore.

Well, the trip just to find Jusco was bad enough. We followed a bunch of road signs that led us to....... Carrefour. Part of the problem being that the Malaysian government puts road signs telling you that yes, continue on this straight road and you will end up at Jusco.

They don't put up road signs at, say, traffic junctions, telling you whether to go left, straight or right in order to go to Jusco. And you would think there would be a more logical place for a road sign, innit?

So we drove straight, good, right direction, straight, right direction, confirmed by another road sign, and then once we reached a major junction......... leftorright?leftorright?leftorright? Aw screw it! and we'd just choose one and turn.

First turn, we ended up u-turning to Carrefour. We walked around and then asked for directions, which turned out to be too vague to be of much use to goondu Singaporeans.

Second turn, we became a bit more adventurous, and we ended up in the midst of one of the suburban towns, in which Quet took so many turns, I lost track of where Carrefour, the main road and Singapore was altogether.

And ironically, it was in the middle of making the 2nd turn that I spotted the elusive Jusco. "There it is!!" I screamed triumphantly...... as Quet turned away from it, and into the wrong turning. Bleah......

Third turn, we finally reached Jusco Tebrau. [Whoop of excitement upon hearing that we were not lost, or en route to Malacca] Citizens of Singapore, if you thought Vivocity was big.... Please check out Jusco, which is bigger. Although most of the major brands here can be found back in Singapore, their sales are timed differently from us, which means if you head at the right time, you can hopefully find some stuff which has had its season over in Singapore, selling at a discount.

Stuff, say, like in a Mango sale.... Whip out those ringgit!

Then we drove to City Square, where Yenn and I found to our dismay that the anime store had been replaced by a spa........... ( T_T ) Instead we bought some at Popular and then spent all that anime money on clothes instead.

Well, besides getting lost 3 times and finding no anime, it was a pretty good day at JB... now we're thinking of how to cajole Juls into driving us in for the next round of shopping, especially since his car has the bigger boot..... heh......

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