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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Some Monkey Business

You've gotta love a good concert, especially when the group is the Black Eyed Peas. :) :) :)

I caught the concert on Monday night at the Indoor Stadium, a concert for which I paid a pretty packet, but all so worth it.

Opening act Click Five was so-so-ok-la, but they did manage to get the crowd slightly rowed up, which meant that when the lights went out and the Peas came out, BANG! Everyone started to get really wild!

It's also good that the songs that the Peas sang that night were danceworthy tracks, thumping good songs that made you just have to stand up and shake your humps in your seats! Once it came to the especially popular ones, that was what everyone was doing!

Fergie and Will.I.Am also sang their respective hits, Glamourous, Fergielicious, Big Girls Don't Cry, and I Got It From My Mama. Good to see a group that respects each other's breakaway solo hits as well.

But one thing they did during the concert was really cool: They dimmed the lights, got everyone to take out their handphones and wave left to right in the dark. So we waved our phones [my phone was dead. I waved my IPod] to the beat while Will.I.Am sang "wave your phones, now Singapore... Wave your phones, now Singapore..." [Or something to that effect, I may have forgotten the actual words] The effect was like, well, NDP lightsticks but with better music. :P

And that's why I think I prefer to pay good money for good seats. After all, in concerts and theatres, it's not about getting a product, it's the experience of actually hearing them live that counts. And as long as I can afford to do so, I think I want to maximise that experience as much as I can.

That's good money well spent. :)

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