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Saturday, September 29, 2007


We are very excited to offer Pole Dance, Exotic Dance and Ladies Salsa Styling courses taught by Linna Tan.
Linna Tan is the pioneer of pole dance and the first to teach group exotic dance classes in Singapore. She is the only Southeast Asian representative for the International Pole Federation, a regulatory body that looks into standards of teaching and performing pole dance.
Linna has been featured in many publications, including The Straits Times, The New Paper, Elle, Shape, Female, IS magazine and Indulgence.)
Pole dancing is a form of dancing / gymnastics that takes muscular endurance and coordination as well as sensuality. It involves dancing with a vertical pole where the dancer may simply hold the pole, or use it to perform more athletic moves such as climbs, spins, and body inversions. There are two types of classes for Pole Dance - Pole-xercise and Pole-licious. Click here for more info, start dates of courses and fees!
Exotic Dance is an art form that tastefully accentuates the curves on a woman's body through sensual and feminine movements, specially choreographed to help her exude confidence and style as she sheds her inhibitions. This course helps you to look your best, to enhance and draw attention to your assets to make you most desirable to your special someone. Click here for more info, start dates of courses and fees!
A course to help ladies to look feminine and attractive on the dance floor; to add style and personality to her dancing by enhancing her basic steps. Suitable for both the ladies without Salsa dance experience and the experienced Salsera. Click here for more info, start dates of courses and fees!
(25 to 30 Sep 2007)

Buy a Pole Dance, Exotic Dance or Ladies Salsa Styling 8-week course and get a free class voucher!

Terms & Conditions:
1. For sign-ups for Exotic or Ladies Salsa Styling courses, the free class voucher is applicable for use on any class except for Pole classes.
2. For sign-ups for Pole courses, the free class voucher is applicable for use on any class.
3. Promotion ends 30 Sep 2007.
4. Other terms and conditions apply.

NB: For ladies who have signed up and paid up earlier for Pole, Exotic or Ladies Salsa Styling, rest assured we have not forgotten your support. We have kept aside vouchers for you. Please check with the reception when you turn up for class!

For whoever is interested....... Although I probably won't be going... been neglecting my own Lindy Hop too much of late... :( And my blog... And my reading... And my comics........

Something about my job is affecting my personal life, in that if I don't make time for the stuff I want to do, I will never get that particular thing done. So my weekly schedule becomes almost like a school timetable.

Monday: Meet Jules for dinner
Tuesday: Meet Dad for dinner
Wednesday:Eat dinner on own
Thursday:Meet Candle and go for Lindy
Friday:Meet Yenn for dinner
Saturday:Shop in afternoon, reach Int'l Plaza at 2 or 3, and read in BK, then go for Jap and go out for dinner with Yenn
Sunday: Meet DF for lunch and dinner.

And I repeat this pattern every week!!! Where's the spontaneity?? Where's the life??? There are middle-aged retirees out there with more life than this!

I miss going for exhibitions, which I don't go anymore because I have either no time, or something up already on that night.

I miss going for plays, which I've stopped because 1, no nuff money now, and 2, it's not every time I see a play that interests me.

I miss going for long pointless walks, because there is no free day for me to take a long pointless walk the whole afternoon!

In a way, I'm thankful I'm in this line... at least I can wait till the holidays to reclaim whatever is left of my humanity......... :p

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