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Sunday, August 12, 2007

KL was quite alright, but a few things happened to almost throw all the plans astray.

- Quetz almost didn't make it, only able to leave late in the evening, and arriving in KL at around 2am.

- I got migraines due [probably] to dehydration. I got it on the trip there, and conked out the first night early, at around 8. The next day, the migraine continued [duh] and after a day of shopping, and a massage, I conked out again, at 8! I missed out on good dinners and good suppers on both nights. :( the only consolation is that I also missed out on the calories for those meals. :p

- A queensized bed is too small for 3 women. 'Nuff said.

Although all things considered, as we were driving down the highway, it dawned on me how many times in my life I had been in this same situation. Juls driving, me passenger, zooming down a highway to who-knows-where. At the same time, it also dawned on me how much I liked it. [sigh] How long can I continue to do this backpacking, roadtripping thing, I wonder?

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