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Sunday, August 19, 2007

It says shrimp

I buy a packet of flavoured nuts from the 7-11 during a break in the Jap lesson. Later after lesson, Yenn and I munch on the peanuts.

Yenn looks at the script on the packet:

"Ra... Ka....?? Na....? What the heck does this say?"

"Erm, it says 'shrimp'."

"It does?"


Yenn peers more closely at the packet.

"Oh. Yea."

This is what happens when you pay too much attention during Jap lesson. :p

Incidentally, just started Level 5A with a new sensei [ok] new textbook [oh oh] and new grammar and vocab [argh!!!] Erm, suddenly the prospect of going onto 5B seems smaller..........

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