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Monday, July 02, 2007

The Great Greek Adventure Part 2 - Chompin' away!

Let's get down to some of what Singaporeans are most interested in when in a foreign country, namely, the food.

The food there is actually pretty healthy, what with the Greek salad and just about everything else fried and slathered generously with olive oil. [one of their main exports] In one week, I think I ate more veg than I ever did in Singapore in a month, because almost everything was so fresh and good.

This is only applicable to the real Greek food, though, and not MacDonald's, Starbucks, or other dubious Chinese restaurants on other holiday islands. [attesting to the level of openness of the Greek economy]

The ironic thing is that in Greece, the most common junk food you'll find comes from Turkey:

Meet the humble slovaki. A piece of pita bread wrapped around lettuce, tomato, chicken [or beef, or pork] and yoghurt sauce. This is the local 'junk food', as referred to by a local we asked for directions. Anyway, in Syntagma Square, this is a pretty decent place to buy some slovakis:

Yes, it even looks like a fast food chain.

The islands were where we got our taste of Greek seafood, all salted with the sea.

Some of the places we ate at:

Patmos: Pantelis Tavern

This place was recommended by Lonely Planet, and by now, my motto is "Always Listen to Lonely Planet". Because this was a great place to eat!

The food came fast, and hot and the ambience of the place was great. Patmos being a small island, the town wasn't crowded at all and we had an outdoor table. It was a great place to sit, eat, stone and wish you weren't going back to work the next week.

Ok u see these? They look good? It was salty as the sea which the octopus came from. :S I could still eat them, but I ended up downing gallons of water while doing so. -_-!! Still I ate some of the best calamari rings I ever did. :D

Athens: Diros Restaurant

We were brought here by friends, and if you're looking for authentic Greek food, this is a great place to check out.

If I remembered the address, that is. -_-!!!!!

This is my favourite dish in Athens: Moussaka. A lasagna style dish made with potatoes and eggplants. Now you all know why I like it so much. :p

Rhodes: Very Special Greek Salad

I had to type that cos I wasn't sure of the name of the place... Bleah...

On Rhodes, we had driven to Petaloudes, which was supposed to be a butterfly sanctuary, obviously to see, well, butterflies.

We ended up walking through a Bukit Timah-style trail and seeing 2 moths. -_-!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The uplifting part about it was discovering this place at the top of the sanctuary:

She was selling what she dubbed 'the best orange juice in Greece' on top of the hill, so why not buy a glass and chat with the lady? Not to mention after climbing a hill for 30 minutes, ANY orange juice would have tasted good. :p

But she did have some other good stuff there:

Our entire meal

Loumades - Doughballs covered in a sweet sauce. Great dessert.

This really is the BEST Greek salad I ate there. The sauce is perfect for dunking your bread in, and its chockful of onions and tomatoes and sprinkled generously with olive oil.

But no goat cheese for me, sorry.

Actually, if you like your seafood and your carbs, Greece could be just right for you. Every meal came with bread and olive oil, a la Cafe Cartel, [but no free flow] and the calamari rings were always cooked just right, fried nicely to a crisp. I also loved the fried potatoes, chunks of cut potato, [NOT the processed wedge or crinkle fries, REAL potatoes] fried in olive oil, which I'm pretty sure I'll never see selling anywhere in Singapore. -_-!!!!

Even the salads tasted good. I'm not sure whether its due to the olive oil, or whether the veg really tasted fresher there, [as sworn by Irene, who bought a handful of cucumbers!] but damn, I never thought I'd say this about a salad, but they were good. :p

Oh, and sorry for the lack of photos for this salivating post. We ate up a lot of meals before we realised we had to take photos. >D

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