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Monday, June 18, 2007

The Great Greek Adventure

I'm back!

The trip was great, but made us want to stay longer just to see more stuff :p Some statistics:

We saw temples, monasteries, ruins, ruins and more ruins. [Leading to Ruin Fatigue in some of us] We saw beaches made from black pebbles, a town on the top of a dormant volcano, and some of the most beautifully photogenic scenery ever.

We did tons of shopping, buying t-shirts, dresses, greek tops, bags, shoes, paintings, 'evil eyes', apple tea, beads, 1 bottle of sweet Greek wine, and were even tempted into almost buying turkish carpets, only put off by the cost.

We also almost sold Jules for 60euro to some greek guy, who in turn offered us 100euro for Quet. ^_^!!

We sat the surburban railway, the metro, buses, one cruise ship, 2 rental cars, one cable car, and a donkey at one point of time. ^_^!!!!!

We got lost numerous times, were fascinated at first by the GPS, only to become increasingly frustrated with programming the damn thing. We also near missed an entire cruise ship at 2 points of time, arriving extremely late onto the ship. ^_^!!!!!!!!

We ate bread, bread and more bread with olive oil, turkish kebabs known as souvlaki, [meat, yoghurt sauce, veg and onions all wrapped in a pita skin] greek salad with some very fresh veg and very good olive oil, great calamari, fried exactly to a crisp, moussaka, [lasagna with potatos and eggplant instead of pasta] drank some of the best orange juice in Greece, and octopus tentacles soaked in a thick, vinegary soup.

We had The Great Greek Adventure. And we won't mind doing another Adventure all over again. ^_^

[More detailed blogging and pix would have to come later. Still editing and uploading]

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