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Monday, June 04, 2007

Amidst all the emotional hoo-haing that went on over the past few weeks, I managed to find the time, energy and ka-chings to purchase 2 very new and expensive members to my family.

First up, the extremely colourful, extremely kawaii, Amore, from the very talented Tokidoki:

I was too lazy to take a picture of my bag, so I got one off the Internet instead... :p My bag is similar to this, except that it is rounder, and has no black mesh at the side.

And yes, it is saturated in KAWAII!!!!! >D

But since the bag cost, *cough* quite a portion of my bonus, I'm currently milking its worth for every Jap lesson I've been to so far. So if you see this printed bag on a Saturday afternoon or night, yea, chances are its me. XP

Next up is my new boyfriend after DF.

I got tired of being left aside by him once he went to Indo so I met this guy outside. Juls describes him as being "a tall, strong, manly black guy with a long extendable ________" [fill in the blanks with your own word.] Ladies, and gentlemen, I introduce to you,


I know he's not the cute, small metrosexual guy that everyone is going for nowadays, but damn to my eye, he's gorgeous.
More shooting possibilities than with Oliver, fits nicely in the palm of my hand, a little heavy, but feels strong and secure there.
And yes, a long extendable. That extends up to 6X optically. >D Therein lies the first step to my future career as a paparazzi.
And yes, these two before my trip to Athens this Friday night.
My pictures will be great, but I'll be eating stolen hotel breakfast bread everyday. -_-!!!!


Krystal said...

I now am officially worried about ur embarkment on a career in paparazzi =) esp when I know I'm going to be a victim

Jacqyre said...

let me know how that camera works out for eyeing her myself...hahaha...ya its a she for me...