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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Um, I got tagged by Slayer to do a meme on favourite movies, but fact is, I've never been that much of a movie fan... :p So I can only give you some titles but not favourite scenes or lines......

1. Baz Luhrman's Romeo and Juliet

2. Moulin Rouge

3. Jeux D'Enfants

Yes, that's a pretty bad mix of movies with unfulfilled love. -_-!!! Explains my sometimes-paranoid view on relationships.......

Well, I liked Borat too......?

Coming onto relationships though......

I woke up this morning to an SMS from the DF saying "I just went to bed. Don't know what time I'll wake up." which was received by my HP this Sun morning, 6-freaking-am in the morning -_-!

On Mons to Fris, that would be acceptable timing, but on Sundays? Just plain unholy.

Anyway, this unreasonably pisses me off for several reasons:

1. Sundays are our days, and the SMS implies that he won't be seeing me today. -_- Paranoia again, I know.

2. Why don't you just tell me you'll meet me later in the afternoon?

3. No mention of whether we are still meeting that day. Now am I supposed to make plans with someone, only to risk him waking up later? Or do I not make plans for the whole day, and wait futilely for him?

I wonder if this general blockness is just restricted to the guys I know, or is it just all guys? Cos I know Jules and Turtle are pretty much capable of the same blockness as well, just that I get more irritated at DF cos, he's the, er, DF.

The other day, Jules got Candle pretty pissed off because of the same insensitivity.

Imagine that a guy can arrange to watch a movie with a girl, and then get the movie time wrong, notify the girl too late, offer to fetch her, take back the offer too late, causing both parties to arrive late at the cinema, where he manages to exchange the tickets for the same show at a later time, [small points for trying] and then just before the movie, rushes off to meet a client and not appear till hours later in the cinema when the movie is already reaching the end legs.

And the best part of it all was that he could still insist that it was because of work, that the fault was not his, and that he tried his best.

OMG! What happened to the simple, effective method of apologising, and then making amends??? [preferably with some very good dessert] All we wanted, in this situation was to hear one simple SORRY.


The DF was the same thing during that disastrous day of his father's baptism, when I appeared in the church in T-shirt and flip flops. I sulked for a good while before I finally got a half-hearted apology, after all the repeated insistences of "It wasn't my fault."

ACK! Isn't it pointless to insist that you aren't at fault, when you clearly were?

Let us all spit out the word again.


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Anonymous said...

why is he just went to bed at 6 am in the morning?