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Monday, January 01, 2007

The first day of 2006 started off with Necroz, fireworks, handphones and cameras, and a lot of crap.

Strange that the first day of 2007 almost starts off the same way.

For one, Necroz was there again, as was Kreuz, and the DF.

For another, there were fireworks galore again along the Marina waterfront.

*though I was too tired this time to try taking photos, so this photo doesn't belong to me, but to stoical on flickr.

We still had a whole nation of aspiring photographers.
Taken from last year, and still the same thing at the Esplanade waterfront this year. -_-!!

And after searching through the blog archives, I found the New Year greeting I used last year on Necroz with the dessert:

Cheesecake, for a sweet mouth when talking to others, and make it a rich one, to put richness into your life.
Iced tea for a 'liang shuang' life. [roughly meaning a light and carefree life?]
Water, to 'yin shui si yuan' and always be humble.

This year we had plenty of crap and good dessert too, in the last few hours of 2006, so I guess we more or less settled that? ;) But then those who know me know that I will never run out of crap anyway. ^_^!

Just a few things different about this New Year's:

1. That an early sleeper and riser such as DF was actually willing to stay wayyy up late to usher in the NY with me, simply 'cos I wanted to, and t
hat he was even willing to entertain two of my friends at the same time. I like the fact that he's making me appreciate him more and more as this goes on. :)

2. 1st Jan will start off relatively mild for the afternoon and then I'll be swing-dancing at night with Quet and Goldfish! Great way to start off the dancing for the rest of the year!

3. I actually fulfilled one of the three resolutions made to myself at the start of 06 by saving more money. [I won't humiliate myself by mentioning online the ones that I didn't] I'm more specific as to my resolutions for 07 and am hoping that I actually manage the same success rate. ^_^!

Funny how things stay the same, and yet can become different at the same time. Maybe life in the long term is just like that. That the most important differences aren't necessarily the most dramatic in your life, but instead are the little bits that change from day to day, year to year. Those that you don't notice till many years later when you realise how far you've come from who you originally were.

Some of the things in my life have been precisely like that. Minor changes to character, personality, outlook, relationships, lifestyle that I don't notice till I realise one day what a difference they made.

What a difference a year made.

So to all who are reading this blog, wishing you:

Plenty of cheesecake, iced tea and water in your life for 2007. :)
Many more fulfilled resolutions.
All the little things to make a real difference in your life.

See you in 2008! Wonder what will remain the same, and more importantly, what will change?

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