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Sunday, January 07, 2007

2007 resolutions

Since 'tis the time, here are the resolutions:

Lose 10 kg by Dec 2007
I'm not a borderline anorexic, but I still think my weight is ballooning to alarming proportions. Before I have to do my shopping exclusively at Marks 'n Spencer's, or Dorothy Perkins, [both UK brands which stock clothes up to size 16] I think I better do something about it. And two fun ways for me to do it, is to:

Keep On Swinging
'Cos it won't mean a thing, if I ain't got that swing. And,

Take up a new dance
This is something I've been thinking of for a while now, and I think it's time I finally acted on it this year. I'm looking at either Hip Hop, or Tap, [!!] or even Salsa? Not decided yet. The only thing I know is that it can' t be on Swing nights.

I should also,

Go to the gym at least once a week
Because I think it does work. When I was doing practicuum, swing and I went to the gym once a week, I managed to lose about 2 kg after the 10 week practicuum, [even with all the crap I ate and drank] so I figure something about that combination must be working. The difficulty is always in getting my butt off the chair. [oooh, nice sofa... ] I wish I could join a fitness, or combat class, but that would require me to

Save money
The only one of my 2006 resolutions that I managed to fulfill -_-!! All thanks to a SAYE plan from POSB, I have managed to save up the recommended 3 mths of salary as a rainy day fund. The cash is partially locked up, and if I take it out earlier, I stand to lose some interest, but that's fine, as long as I know there's $$ somewhere. For those of you who have the same saving problem, I recommend the same option. It may not end u as much interest as unit trusts, but at least it gets you used to the idea of saving some of your salary every month. [and it actually ensures you save every month]

OTher emotional resolutions:

Be less demanding, less paranoid about the DF and let things take their course, except in cases of neglect, abuse or infidelity. [all of which will warrant the necessary repercussions of pestering, abuse, and castration]

Keep on thinking and never accept things as they are. To not simply accept the viewpoint as it is, but to think objectively and consider all other options. To never just give up and follow, but to grind my mind furiously to making it better for myself.

Always remember that I'm a whole lot more well off than a lot of other people, in terms of money, things and friends, and to be thankful for it, no matter the shit that comes my way.

Happy 2007 everyone.

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Anonymous said...

Lemme know if and when you're joining hip hop... I wanna try it out too! Need to lose some weight as well... ;)