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Sunday, October 01, 2006

A White Death

With the blogging of the Bintan trip, I forgot to blog about the other disaster that struck me after I came back. [yea, not a very good week for me overall]

My Shiroi Creative Zen was playing music for me on the way to work, as usual, when suddenly it hung, and refused to go any further.

I had encountered this problem before, and luckily Creative now has a service center at Marina Sq so I headed there after work to get it fixed.

Where, I found to my profound, abject horror, that to fix the problem, the entire hard drive would have to be reformatted, resulting in the total loss of all the mp3s i had in the player.

I swear, my heart just stopped then and there when the service guy told me those fateful words. Like, the player is only about 1 year old????

Unfortunately the problem was such that there was no way to fix it without erasing everything.

And total loss? We're talking about 1068 mp3s here. [!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

Hence, now I have to drag out my CD collection box by box and start retransferring them into Shiroi again, CD by CD....... -_-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh god, I feel like my baby just went to the brink of death, and was narrowly saved by a long, nerve-wracking, operation.


Krystal said...

*faint* trust u to be melodramatic only about this kinda things...*grins* Hope things are ok on ur end now babe =)

Anonymous said...

Time to let go and post new songs into your MP3 player...