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Monday, September 25, 2006

There's bit quite a bit of drama over these few days, so here's fodder for this dusty ol' blog.

I went to sunny Bintan over the weekend with DF and his group of friends, but even a seemingly simple trip almost didn't happened due to some stupidity on my part.

The ferry we were supposed to take on Fri was supposed to leave at 8. I left work early, went to buy some Children's Day pressies with colleagues, and then rushed home to bathe, quickly pack and then take a taxi to Bedok MRT to meet him.

At 1830, I realise that I left my passport at home.

After I made my heart start beating again, I tried calling home to see if my dad or anyone was home, but no one. I quickly ran to get a cab and rushed back home to get my passport. But sooooo many things went against me.

Rush hour traffic slowed down the cab. Mom called, only to berate me for being such an idiot. All the while I prayed fervently that I would just get through the traffic to reach the ferry in time.

Now when I'm in action, I don't think much. But when I'm not doing anything, like just sitting in a cab, I have nothing to do but fret. And I fretted all the way from Bedok to Bishan and back, almost crying in the cab, thinking of how mad he would be, thinking of how my mom was thinking of what an idiot I was, but not thinking of a way to help, thinking, thinking, thinking too much.

To cut a long story short, I didn't make it. 15mins to 8, he called me to tell me that the ferry gates were closing and that we'd have to scrap the trip.

After trying so hard, praying so hard all the way, to be told that I couldn't make it after all...... my heart sank all the way to my toes. I was that disappointed, that I couldn't make it, that I had disappointed him.

I rolled into the ferry terminal to meet him, and we took the cab back to Bishan.

To his great credit though, he was surprisingly upbeat about the whole thing. He was all normal and ok, and he said it was alright, that if I wanted to go all that much, we could just book a ferry for sat morning. I said later that I thought he'd be mad, or upset, and he said,

"It's not what you do, it's who you do it with."

When we left each other night, I looked at his receding back, and thought: That's a good man I chose.

Anyway we went down on sat morn, snorkelled a bit, lounged around, walked around, and before u know it, it was time to go back on Sun morn :p But he was talking about what we could do the next time we went down, just the 2 of us, so I'm keeping my hopes up ^_^

I feel like my stock is slowly appreciating in value, though I'm not getting much dividend returns... hahaha


Anonymous said...

Slow but steady.
Worth it

Krystal said...

Lucky u babe.

Things not going so well for me and the fiance.