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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

In an intrigued response to a post on Krystal's blog:

[RTs are Random Thoughts that she had. The rest is my response]

R.T 1: Is it possible to love someone so much that you will be willing to do anything for them just to please them? Even help to take their life?

I think by that time, it ceases to be love. It becomes infatuation or worse, obsession. If you really loved a person, you would do anything to make them better, not kill them.

R.T 2: As stupid as this is going to sound, is it possible to find the person of your dreams....the one person who really is everything you want and have dreamed about.....and want to run away from them because you feel you're not perfect enuff for them?

Yup... If you're nuts enough to do so, yup. F'gd'ssake! This is the person of your dreams here!

R.T 3: Is it possible to grow up too fast and have certain parts of u trying to catch up (mentally and emotionally I mean)?

Well, considering that we have no choice over the physical development of our bodies, and that puberty comes regardless of whether we're ready or not... Yea, I would say so yes. Especially if you know any adolescent boys.

R.T 4: Why do we find it hard to let go of things that we know we're meant to let go of? Of things that we no longer have/find attachment to?

Maybe because we have more attachment to them than we realised?

R.T 5: How does one undo many years of damage and how long does it take for one's eyes to no longer be clouded by saddness?

Sadly, as long as it takes. And this varies from person to person.

R.T 6: How do we know whatever it was we were meant to be/do? How do we deal with the realisation esp when it's something that we never expected or (maybe even) want to happen?

1. We may never know.
2. With a lot of tequila.

R.T 7: What's wrong with me......

Too many random thoughts. Hahaha.... :p

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Krystal said...

HAHA...i like the ans to my last random tot =) Thanks babe. U def cheered me up and u never fail to *hugs*