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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Freedom is a ephemeral and illusory concept.

f**k, how did I come up with something so... cool, in a literary and geeky kinda way? :p

Anyway, why I came up with that particular phrase is because my practicuum has officially ended. No more early mornings, bratty kids and piles of worksheets to mark. *Yay*

But which also means 10 weeks less of being a trainee and that much closer to becoming a full-fledged govt slave. *Boo* -_-!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So hence, ephemeral[temporary and fleeting]. To enjoy something for a while, and then to lose it most cruelly to the bondages of reality and maturity.

[getting depressed at the thought]

Well, at least there are some pretty interesting stuff happening during this ephemeral period:

Like the Fiction@Love exhibition coming up at the Singapore Art Museum, which "seeks to explore the concerns related to the satire and fantasy of love through contemporary artistic expressions. The participating artists present diverse perspectives of the flux of ideals through the whimsical, simple and yet at times, fast paced aesthetics of Animamix Art (Animation and Comics)."

You can imagine which words caught my eye in that paragraph. :p

"Organized by Singapore Art Museum and Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art, Fiction@Love examines the influence of contemporary popular culture such as anime, comics, graphic communications, and manga in art. Through paintings, murals, sculptures, videos and interactive installations, the exhibition looks at ways in which emotions like 'love' are expressed, transformed by the crossovers of the real and the virtual, and exposure to the aesthetics of the internet and comics."

From 12 May - 2nd July at the SAM.

Oh yea, sounding better and better.

And on top of that,


In conjunction with International Museum Day celebrations

Calling all Cosplayers and party people! For one night only, SAM’s garden and driveway will be transformed into a mythical Neverland for her very first street party. Spare no expense, unleash the imagination and come as a Manga or fictional character because we’re looking for the ultimate King and Queen of this May Ball! Be crowned and win attractive mobile phones from the N Series kindly sponsored by Nokia. Cool giveaways for the first 200 partygoers to arrive!

27 May (Saturday), 7.30pm (Lightshow spectacular), 9.30pm till late (Party time!) "

From love/fiction

And since it's at night, sounds like a time for the trenchcoat and medallions? ;) Too bad b4 that I have a wedding dinner to attend.

Minna san! Isshoni ikkimasenka?

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