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Thursday, April 06, 2006

No more 2 left feet

Like when was the last time I posted up something real on this blog, instead of the link-you-might-find-interesting while I thought of something interesting to blog about?

Man, not that short a time ago........

Ok! I'll give you a progress report of my Lindy dancing! [mainly because I've just come from a particularly intense Lindy day, details below]

As you know, Jules and I successfully passed Lindy 2 some time back and we jumped into Lindy 3 right the next week. So far, we're still going for classes, but unlike levels 1 and 2, level 3 is an ongoing-till-eternity thing, the purpose of which is simply to increase your repertoire of Lindy dance moves.

Today we had an extra class, which was the Jitterbugs stroll class.

The Jitterbugs stroll is simply a set of jazz dance choreography, comprising of a number of jazz dance steps that we already learned in levels 1 and 2. The thing now was to put everything together in a dance sequence.

I had already seen this sequence being performed a couple of times in Swing Fling, so I was pretty keen to go down and learn.

Totally do not regret it btw. Even though I was drenched in twice the amount of sweat by the end of the day, [class + extra class + swing fling practice] and my calves are aching a dozen.

The beauty of the dance is in the particular song used. The lyrics of the song actually call out the dance step to be performed in the next beat, hence saving you a lot of trouble trying to remember the sequence, and also seriously screwing up your footwork when you can't respond to the lyrics on the right beat. -_-!!!!!

But bottom line: Fun. :) And definitely much more fun than aerobics as a form of exercise. Charleston Stroll next week, here I come!

Not to mention I nearly attended the class for free, if only the receptionist was less sharp-eyed than I thought. Damn!

At least I can feel that my dancing is getting better. [and this is an opinion reflected by Jules as well, so it ain't just me :p ] At least now when some terribly talented male lead asks me for a dance and leads me into moves I either never learned before, or felt more like salsa or some other dance, I can more or less follow and look decent.

No more 2 left feet. Better frame, and lots of twist-twisting. Yea!

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