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Monday, April 03, 2006

My blogging is getting erratic.... sighz..... although at least I do have a lot more now to blog about than before....

Like another budak pantai concert!!!

surreptitiously snapped with my hp

This little-known, little-publicized concert was actually organized by the internal audit dept of StandChart to raise funds to build a dam in Africa. [wonder who audited it.. haha] The group sang many of their well-known songs, and garnered many laughs from the audience. The only too-bad thing for me was that because I'd been to some of their concerts already, I already knew the song and the punchline used for the song... :p

I like Budak Pantai. They crap and joke on stage with each other and have a great natural chemistry after working so long together. Not to mention their songs are darn farnie as well.... :P

You can check out their album at the Esplanade store.

[hey, can i get any endorsement deals? hahaha]

Anyway on Sat, I met Turt for coffee at the Eclectic Attic at Plaza Sing.

This delightful place, tucked away in a corner next to Spotlight is a feast for the eyes. I like going in there because of all the kooky and unique antiques all over the place [even if I can't afford to get a tea cup]

Not only that, but what used to be a furniture store actually has a small cafe in it! And you can even buy the antique tables and benches used in it!

The kooky factor, however, came forth in the drink I got.

What was supposed to be a simple vanilla milkshake had an unexpected decoration in it.

Is that feet???

It's a... a... baby!!! Can't tell if it's a boy or girl though...

Hm, maybe a girl....

For some reason, the phrase that came to mind when I saw it was "drowning foetus". Even though I know technically it's not a foetus but.... darmmit there's something decidedly freaky about seeing a baby in your drink lah... all covered with sticky white frothy stuff.......

Ok i need to stop here. Now.


Anonymous said...

So what the heck is that? Could you eat it? Could you keep it?

Aki Tan said...

it's a milkshake with a little toy thrown in for decor actually... :p I think you could keep it but it was too sticky and gross by the time I finished and I didn't want to... plus there are the connotations... :S