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Monday, January 16, 2006

Who Needs TV?

Sometimes the "scandals" you read online concerned well-known bloggers can be more interesting than the latest Korean dramas.

A recurring theme that goes around in the local blogosphere always seems to be that of Freedom of the Blogger VS Responsibilities of a Civic Blogger. No grounds for surprise there, considering this is Singapore and I guess we all follow the example of Big Brother.

Consider, firstly the case of Starryluvly.

She claims on her blog that a recommendation she made to Tomorrow was published at first, then removed, at first seemingly because she had recommended a very unsavoury blog post about Xiaxue, who is one of Tomorrow's most prominent blogger editors.

Weird huh? Sounds to me like all the times the censorship the gahmen has been doing to maintain its civil reputation.

The unsavoury blog post was in turn published by Xialanxue, who had blogged about how Xiaxue seems to have some kind of master plan to bring down his blog by masquerading as him and posting all kinds of stuff on the web in his name, and also attempting a hate entry on another blogger, blinkymummy.

This blogger, blinkymummy, in turn, claims that the hate site was set up by xiaxue, because she posted up xiaxue's pix on the net without permission, and because she had a very interesting encounter with xiaxue at Wala wala.

All this drama and it's all free to read on the net. With this kind of entertainment, who needs TV?

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