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Sunday, January 15, 2006

So the infamous Meet-the-Parents session turned out to be...... ok lor.

We went shopping at Robinsons', walked around a lot while his mother shopped, and his father and brother...... stood around a lot. ^_^! It's proven. Shopping is so not a male thing.

Then we went for dinner at a teochew restaurant in Chinatown, walked around a bit, and then back home.

Pretty uneventful huh? Heh...

They didn't really ask much or talk much to me, for which I was both relieved, and nervous. Relieved because I didn't want to talk too much to his parents and proportionately increase the chance of me saying something stupid or offensive, and nervous, because of dotheylikeme?dotheyhateme?dotheythinkisuck?dotheythinkimantisocial?dotheythinkimallright?
all the thoughts going through my head.

I'm not sure yet whether it's just the way his family is, or is it because they were wishing he was with another girl already. -_-!!!!!

Unfortunately, when I was with them, I also switched into the anti-soci-mood. I don't know whether you guys have ever seen me in this mood, which strikes me whenever I'm in an unfamiliar social situation and I'm not comfortable with the situation. Go fig. It's his parents. I go silent. I don't speak unless I'm spoken to. I make myself as unobtrusive as possible. I become a little stiff and I know it. And I pray desperately that I'm not screwing myself in the process. This happens a lot with the grownups. I fare just slightly better with people my own age.

Not making the situation easier before today was the previous conversations I had with Jules and Turt.

"How would you react if his mother decides she doesn't like you and he leaves you because of that? Hypothetically speaking, of course, since he's not that kind of guy, I know, but what if?"
"She asked me how come I chose a girl that was fat."
"What if *something* happens to you, and he just walks off?"

With friends like these....................................

But at least they did offer good parting advice.

"Be yourself. It'll be easier for you if they accept you for who you are, rather than forcing yourself to be someone that they will like."

consider you guys redeemed.

And at the end of the day...

He told me that he had already gathered feedback from them. [from when I left to go to the toilet, no doubt]

And in typical DF-fashion, he said he'd only tell me next week.

I'm not hoping that they love me already. [because I seriously doubt it]

I just hope it all went... ok.

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