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Sunday, August 07, 2005


Me: "I'm having bad neckaches nowadays."

schwarz: "Yea, you look like you're getting a dowager's hump."

Me: "What??? Is it because of my posture??"

schwarz: "Usually these things are determined genetically, just that your bad posture could have made it worse."

Me: [conveniently not listening to the second half of the sentence] "Good, another thing I can blame on my parents."


schwarz: "Try not to slouch so much lah."

Me: "I can't help it, most of the time in tuition I have to bend down to help the kids."

schwarz: "How, like that?"

Me: "I know one thing I could do."

schwarz: "What?"

Me: [looking down at her 1.4m frame] "Talk more often to taller friends, for one?"

[that earned me a kick in the knee]

My neck hurts every time a tuition session ends. Or not hurt, but rather, ache. I can feel the muscles in my neck right now screaming out for a good massage, and a lot of those parlors are starting to look real tempting......

So if I go out with you and you notice that my neck is stuck in one position, or, [if you're shorter than me] I'm talking over the top of your head, bear with me.......

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Anonymous said...

'Thanx' for depicting me as 1.4m. Why not just come right out and admit you've acquaintance of a 3 inch gnome.
Correction - you're not going to have a Dowager's, you already have one. Continue slouching somemore and maybe 2 decades later you'd find yourself wishing you were even 1.4m.
Ever heard of Notre Dame?...yes, you'll feel comfy making room with Quasimodo :p
You've been forewarned. Don't Slouch!!!
Luv, schwarz