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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Indeed there has been a lot of dust gathering in this blog... (^^!) the tolls of working and blogging at the same time... *sigh* And of course the highlight of this one week being the chance to meet ONLY THE GREATEST COMIC WRITER OF ALL TIMES, MR NEIL GAIMAN HIMSELF in Kinokuniya. *mad giggly laughter*

The queues were insane by the time I managed to run down to Kino after work. When I first arrived up the escalator, I saw a bunch of people queueing already, near the foreign languages, so I followed the queue to find the end.

I walked past graphic novels.

I walked past the chinese comics.

I walked past some japanese comics before FINALLY i saw the end of it! And mind, I still had NOT seen the signing table itself!

That was at 3. I waited there with a good mystery novel, till I happened to meet Mega, who had skipped work halfway to come down. (^^!) Got her priorities right, she did. And together we queued till Slayer came as well.

And by this time, the queue had already stretched all the way to the Chinese books section. (^^!) No doubt about it, queueing IS the national pasttime. Especially for something they really, really want.

But at least...... I got my books signed....... *dreamy look*

And he's really nice in person? He'd take the time to say a few words to everyone, even though they kept rushing him for more signatures, and, and, he's really sweet, and, and,and a funny cliched thing, but he somehow seems bigger in real life? And almost Morpheus-like...


But damn to the Kaiser, who met him on TWO occassions and got a damn cool signature on one of his books. *hmph*

Already it's been my 2nd week at Neko Primary and I now only have 2 more weeks to go before going back into Nie. Has it been that fast? And I've already landed myself with a sore throat after ONE day of shouting at one particular class. Has anyone ever tried getting a class of 40 havocky boys to sit down and keep quiet? It's almost an impossible act...

Thankfully I have one thing in my mind keeping me sane: Which is the thought that I don't have to be in their class for much longer... mwahahaha... the advantages of a relief teacher means that you're usually only in their class for one day, so you don't have to care too much about trying to teach them. (^^!) I was pretty much just trying not to let TOO many of them run over me at once, while storing lessons for future usage in my mind...

Not fierce enough being one. Hmmm...

But for the time being... Must. Drink. Lots. Of. Water. *cough cough HACK!*

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