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Thursday, June 16, 2005

I'm baaaacccckkkkk.............

Yea, my 'break' from the com worked better this time. 2 whole days away from the Net! A new record! *breaks open the Johnnie walker* And how did I do it, without severe withdrawal symptoms and chaining the computer shut?

Er, a new anime DVD set. :p

Much obliged to Yenn who purchased the Twelve Kingdoms DVD set for me. O yay mi canto!!! :D :D :D In my last few obligation-free afternoons, I've been watching this fantastic series over again, filling in the blanks where I missed the episode on Arts Central.

The cast of the Twelve Kingdoms. Click here for more information on the series

So it's been a pretty, heh, uneventful time for me :p the highlight of the week being the sneak preview of Batman Begins I watched with Yenn last night. It's not a bad movie, but I'm prejudiced by the fan syndrome. Which means when I see parts that never happened in the original Batman mythology, I get a sense of fan-righteous indignation. And trust me, that happens quite a bit. :p [though not as bad as when I watched the X-men movie]

So lemme spice up my blog with something ordinary [and non-political. No more of those, ugh! Too many comments!]

I went to my tuition kid's place just the other day, hoping to receive my pay for the month. Instead, she tells me that she hadn't got the money, and that she'd pay me next week.

I wondered why, since this lesson was originally a postponement of a previous lesson last week, which means her parents must've given her the cash already.

This is the story she told me: :S

"I was sick that day, that's why I had to cancel tuition at the last minute [tuition with me, in which I was going to get paid] and I used the money to take a cab go to the doctor."

Me: "There're tons of doctors 5 minutes from your house."

"My dad insisted I go to his company doctor at Peninsula Plaza. (I wonder at some parents sometimes. Your kid is sick, and you ask her to go all the way to city to see doctor? And doesn't the savings on the doctor bill get wiped out by the cab fare she incurred while going there?) So I took a cab there with my brother.

So around 1/4 of the money went towards the cab fare, and the doctor's fees." [fair enough, I grudgingly grant you this, since you were sick]

"Then we went to Adam Road for dinner, and spent about $90."

KUSO KITANAI! [I didn't really blurt that out in front of her] How did you spend so much at a hawker centre of all places???

"We took a cab to Adam Road [by this time, the brother's girlfriend had also joined in] and we ordered a loooot of food. We ordered barbequed stingray, mee goreng, roti john, etc etc etc" The rest of the food were lost to my brain. 2 thoughts circled in my brain, mainly my money! and sick also can eat so much ah?

How da fish could 3 people have eaten so much bloody food and spent so much money at a hawker centre, for pete's sake?? Even when my family of 4 go out to eat, we don't even spend more than $50 at most, food and drinks! [and those who've seen my family know that we are no small eaters] And all out of MY PAY?????

The story continues "Then we had to send my brother's girlfriend home, and she lived in Depot road." And again, the brother's girlfriend's cab fare came out of MY PAY. KNS. "And then we made our way back home."

Excuse my French, but I feel very xiaxue-ish right about now. KNS! Take my money and then spend until like that! Brother's girlfriend cabfare also paid by ME! And because of that I have to go back to her house on another day to get the cash! (-_-!) If she even remembered to get it from her parents!

This is ridiculous expenditure man. $90 just to eat at a hawker centre? And then got to send the girlfriend back home somemore? Doesn't the brother have his own money at all???

I'm not pissed that she used the money to go to the doctor. I'm even ok with her using it to take cab there, since I know how sucky it can be to take a bus when you're sick. What I'm pissed about is that she and her brother seems to have freely spent my hard-earned money, and also her parents' hard earned money, to just buy anything they want and of all things, to send girlfriend back home!

And I'm extra pissed because I need the cash, being short of cash this June holidays. I still owe Yenn and my brother money, and I need the cash to pay them back, [at least partially, anyway] and also for my own expenditure. I'm already short and needy of cash this period, and this girl and her brother just freely spent my pay like nobody's business, and just nonchalantly think that they can just postpone my payment.

KUSO. Blardy irritating students.......

Ok, ok, to calm down, here's something for all of you to play with.

Typedrawing is an online drawing pad, that allows you to do text-based drawings. As an example, this is one that I did. Click to go see.

Cute eh? The site even allows you to upload your work, and display to everyone. :D

To try it out, go here

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