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Sunday, December 12, 2004

Bah! Humbug!

bleargh. I'm not fated to go anywhere overseas this month. While half the world around me seems to be out of singapore one way or another, I'm stuck here, with the shitty weather, nursing a potential runny nose, [pleasedonexplodeintoflu] cursing at the incessant rains, the lower temperatures, lack of sun, and the resultant migraine I've gotten because of the weather and the cursing.

Not to mention the continuous playing of kitschy christmas carols in all the shopping malls, and the increased traffic from all those kids on holiday. One more carol n frosty gets it with a hairdryer.

ergh. Not in best of moods. Went out with Jules for lunch, and aft that, spent some time lounging about borders reading free comics [ok, not exactly free] and then got a throbbing headache for sponging off on them. Ow. [headaches come and go with me easily with changes in weather and airconditioning]

So I went back home, took a nap, and now really spaced out...... My head feels throbby, my nose feels runny and I'm freakin' cold. Did I mention I hated this time of year? Let us count the reasons why:


1. The monsoon season arrives in Singapore. Temperatures drop from a comfortable tropical one to a barely bearable temperate zone. The rain is incessant and unpredictable. No, scratch that. It's predictable in the sense that it rains just when I have to leave the house, and I'm wearing nice pants and shoes.

2. All those kids on holiday, running around, screaming, scrambling for toys and stuff. Argh! Spend one hour, no 5 mins sitting at the children's seating area in Borders and you know what I mean. [And incidentally, the seating area has been moved to a corner at the very back of the store. I wonder why.]

3. The incessant xmas carols. Somehow or another, all these shopping malls think that by playing endless runs of Rudolph I'd be magically hypnotised into buying something from there. Yeah, it works. I'm magically hypnotised into buying a giant baseball bat in order to whack out their audio system.

4. Couples strolling down Orchard Road. 'Nuff said. *sulks*

Instead I shall spend December curled up at home, blasted CDs on my PC. This because my mini-hifi has given up the CD function. *cries* I need a new CD player............ Where's Santa when you really need him???

Ok, I'm quitting this blog now, because I'm garnering too much self-pity with this entry. See u guys when the weather and the hormones improve.

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