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Thursday, October 16, 2003

Today I'm starting to feel the impact of all those project deadlines looming over me.... which means I'm gonna go into denial mode.... *sigh*

Usually I can get my work done, but it's usually at the 11th hour and done really REALLY fast... have a pile of readings for OE, indiv. assignments for service marketing, and Internet for BIz, and an report I have yet to read thru.... and of course, my usual mental response to all this work is to shut it all off and do something totally un-related and possibly time-wasting. [case in point being this blog... :p]

One of me classmates [James the Kiwi from OE n AHRM] remarked that as Asians we spent entirely too much time on our studies. It's like the words "rest" and "relax" are totally anathema to our culture. He says that in NZ, a lot more importance is placed on family and slackin' time. [Anyone moving to NZ soon?] As much as i don't like it, his remarks about us are the God-solid truth. We place too much emphasis on productivity and [looking] productive, but we never think about Quality. Yes, Quality, without being between Total and Management. Quality of LIFE.

Let's say, an excuse for me slackin' off n procrastinatin' is that I can't start to study efficiently and effectively without first gearing up my mind for some serious mental action. So what I do is write in my blog until the old gearshift moves to 4th. Now I know there is NO way I can explain this to anyone in Asia without having them think I'm some kinda' slacker [which actually I am a bit of, but hey, I get the job done..... eventually]. Such a sad thing huh? I think i should dedicate my life to disproving this myth. I'm gonna show pple you can be a slacker and productive at the same time! Yea! Either that or I'll have to move to NZ.....

Quote of the day/week/month/whenever-i-feel-like-it:
Don't let reality crush the dream. Let the Dream crush reality.
~ Taken off an Esprit billboard.

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