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Thursday, October 16, 2003

For the benefit of non-bizaders:

OE = Organizational Effectiveness, taught by Dr Chung. Interesting module, few pple [11 pple] n plenty of lively discussion. About the organization and its relationship with its external environment

AHRM = Advanced Human Resource Management. Chaotic module taught [facilitated] by Dr Chia Ho-beng, called Ho-Beng by the students [he insists on it] For this module, the entire class plays a HR consultancy firm n we're supposed to come up with a HR package for Technology Teams.

Service Marketing = By Dr Surendra Rajiv, who cancels too many classes, and is overdue in giving back the students their grades. Marketing concepts in the service industry

Internet for Biz = Dr Tan Boon Khaw. Internet n how to use it for biz. Terribly boring lecture but most interesting project. [i'm doing a website for a comics shop!]

My modules for this semester-about-to-end.

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