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Thursday, December 08, 2016

Film Can Pen Holder

I've been a bit on an organizing binge, because 1) the mess on my desk was getting to me and 2) I had too many materials all over the place. That tells me it's time to do some upcycling and make some good out of the stuff that I have!

I had this idea for the pen holder because I have a few small markers which needed a good home and I also had tons of empty film cans from photography. Why not combine the two?

This project is super easy and I can see even small children doing it. It took me less than 10minutes to complete each holder.

Film Can Pen Holder

You will need: 
Empty film can 
Washi tape
Adhesive of your choice ( I used double-sided tape )

Step 1: Cover the film can with the washi tape of your choice. Here, you can see I chose two different kinds, one a solid colour and one with holiday scenery on it.

Step 2: Stick your adhesive to the top of the cover of the film can. I used double sided tape because that's what I have, but you can use any adhesive you like.

Step 3: Stick the cover to the bottom of the film can to form the base. Then put your markers inside and admire your craftiness. 

Easy right?? I love this so much because the steps are so easy and yet the results are so cute to look at! Craftier people than me can try the following variations:

- Decorate the can with paint instead of washi tape.
- Make the can taller by cutting the bottom out of one can and then sticking it to another can.
- Cut the can in half and use it to store small items like paper clips.
- Fill the completed film can with uncooked rice or beans, then stick pens into it. 

Those are just some wild ideas, completely untested! Let me know if you tried any of them and whether they worked!

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