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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Getting Crafty: No Sew Pen Holder

It has been a lazy weekend. I fell asleep both on Saturday and Sunday afternoon and now I have a FOMO feeling of missing out on stuff! Well, at least before I napped I managed some craftiness this weekend and I made this pen holder:

It's a no-sew project so I used cardboard, fabric and glue.

 The project is a simple open pouch, quite like the kind you put sunglasses in. First, I had to cut the cardboard to the size and shape I wanted. Then I used the glue to glue it to the fabric. 
I wanted to give it a little bit of leeway so that the pens don't pull apart the bottom, so I folded a small piece of fabric and pasted it to the bottom. This acted as a pocket. Then I put glue on both sides and the bottom and closed the pouch.

This is the final product with the pens inside. Hopefully it motivates me to write more! 

Cost of holder, not including scissors and glue = $2 from Daiso. The cardboard was the piece used in the packaging. Long live Daiso. :p

BTW I didn't think of this myself, but got inspiration from a tutorial at the instructables website. You can go there and search for all kinds of tutorials.

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