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Monday, December 24, 2012

A Year In Photos

Been a long time since I blogged... So much stuff I've been putting on FB but not here...

And yet there was so much that happened during the past year...

Inspired by the Lomography website and other bloggers, I decided to select one photo from each month of 2012 and compile it here.

Note that due to failing memory, some of the months may be slightly wrong. Just close one eye and accept it on my behalf. ;p

Dec 2011: Another glorious turkey. We will feast on another tomorrow.

January 2012: We celebrate a birthday and eat steak. We also decide that the little red place on Ann Siang Hill serves the best steak and fries. 

 March 2012: Remember this?

 I also attended the baptism of my first Godson. And he totally doesn't look like this now. -_-! How they grow!

March 2012: Called to Australia suddenly for Grandfather's funeral. It's funny that the sky can be so cheerfully sunny on such an occasion.

In other happier news, we also go to Malacca and eat chendol and chicken rice balls. I walk what seems like the entire circumference of Malacca and Yenn sleeps till we think she's unconscious.

The Baba house and its entrance foyer with free Wifi. We spent a lot of time here surfing.

May 2012: My cousin got married. Spunky wedding car!

The purchase of my Instax camera. My camwhore-hating friend groans.


June 2012:
 Remember the craze that was Draw Something?

I attended Shakespeare by the Park. Great show.

Oh, how we had fun, Poulet.

June 2012: The picture says it all. Gym starts in July.

Everyone loves a good Cosplay event. Yenn and I went for 2 this year, Cosfest at Downtown east and Anime festival at Singapore Expo.

July 2012: The purchase of my first Lomo camera, the Diana Mini. And the start of a collection of prints and empty film cannisters.
 Exhibitions: Andy Warhol and Harry Potter were fantastic.

Food discovery 1: Grass Jelly in Milk Tea really, really tastes good.

Food Discovery 2: Lil Papa's Wieners is an evil place if you like the unholy duo of hotdogs and beer.

Lil Papa bad. Very bad.

 Food discovery 3: The Bar and Billiards Room teaches me why you should pay for good food and service. YUMZ!!!

July 2012: There are people who are willing to build shackety excuses of a vessel, do a stupid dance, and push them off into the sea for fun. The ERP gantry one I'm rooting for doesn't win. :(

 August 2012: We take up Krav Maga and do each other copious amounts of injury. Actually started around June, but on the first lesson, I sprain my ankle and it is only around July/August we start to do the class regularly.

September 2012: Our house keys finally make us homeowners. And starts a long relationship with the HDB loans dept.

 October 2012: Another Lomo camera, the LC-A, joins me. I am approaching the dark side.

November 2012: The Turkey Tutorial in preparation for Xmas.

December 2012: Us 2 kentangs head to Taiwan and test the limits of our Chinese.

The year always doesn't seem like much till I look through the photos and realise that actually so much had been done. Of course aside from all these there were so many other incidents, cold jokes, insider jokes and much rolling of eyeballs. ( Mostly from Yenn ) 

The year has been good for me. Next year, who knows? More responsibilities, more stuff, more people... Let's see how. See you all next year. :) 

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